Project Description

Keyboard Customizer

Keyboard Customizer is a WordPress plugin utilized for creating a customizable version of Keyboard Product for Woocommerce. It provides a visual layout of the keyboard with options to configure switch type, case color, key colors, legends, and sound dampeners by default.

Why Keyboard Customizer?

Keyboard Customizer is a customizable WordPress plugin built for Woocommerce for a better shopping experience for keyboards products. This plugin provides a nice visual layout for any keyboard for customers with the functionality to customize it on the go. When a customer customizes the keyboard, all changes are being applied to the preview version of the keyboard, thus allowing the customer to preview the final version of their product before purchasing. There are also options to configure the customizations in the backend, thus allowing a wide variety of customizations. This application is mobile responsive and compatible with all themes.

Key Features:

Changing keyboard/Key Colors:

The Keyboard Case Color can be altered between Black or White by default. More configuration is also possible. Each key and the text color on the keyboard can be customized differently as per the needs of the customer. There is also an option to customize the keys in bulk based on their legends( i.e alphanumeric, modifiers, os groups)

Changing Legends:

Legends can be altered as per the alphanumeric, modifiers, and os groups by the customer. The configuration for these choices has to be set by the administrator, thus allowing more customizations for legends. The default legend selection for keyboard products is also possible. Changing Switch Types & Sound Dampeners By default, this application provides customizing switch types as well sound dampeners, with functionality for adding additional prices for each selection.
(Note: Sound dampeners will reduce the clack produced by the keyboard when a key is bottomed out)

Order Preview

When a customer places an order, the customized version of the product is visible in order at the backend, as well as an invoice containing a copy of his/her product is sent to the customer via email. There is also an option to add comments for the product before placing the order, which allows making requests etc.

Keyboard Customizer Work Flow