Solve the following pre interview challenge .

Write a function/code in PHP to get the following output for 6X6, 8X8  or any given NxN array as specified in the following link, your code should output same as the following link

  • Check the red highlighted area of input array and output array
  • Check the green highlighted area of input array and output array to know how it works

Try the 16X16 in this link enter the missing 4 values in red boxes of the Output Array, Once you enter correct answer, then you will get an email, You can send us the script along with your resume to that email, we will contact the qualified candidates as soon as we received your email with solution. We will consider only emails with script to solve the above challenge, Only invited candidates are allowed to interview.

Note: Any emails without solving above challenge will be ignored

We will not consider any emails with copy/paste solution from other websites, so please don’t waste your and our time for copy/paste solutions.

About Softound Solutions.

Softound Solutions is a professional web development company to offer wide range of services in web and mobile platforms. we are working with clients around the globe, It is completely technical related company, If you are tech aspirants, then Softound is a right place to get start your career. here we hire freshers and train them to work in the field.  Also you should have some basic academic knowledge about programming.

We are working in the following technologies WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, Virtuemart, CodeIgniter, OpenCart, NodeJS, React, Android App Development, UI and UX.

Skills & Qualifications.

  • UG/PG degree passed out candidates
  • Basic knowledge in PHP, MySQL, HTML

  • Optional Skills in CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • 0 – 2+ years experience

Your responsibilities .

  • Write optimized and efficient codes
  • Communicate with clients to get requirements
  • Write bug free and secure codes
  • Co-Ordinate with team members
  • Knowledge in working with repositories( github / bitbuclet )
  • Working in LAMP environment
  • Should have knowledge in deploying applications on live server
  • Willing to learn new technologies
  • Up to date the latest version of softwares
  • Problem solving skills