Careers at Softound Solutions

Dear Candidates,

Welcome to Softound Solutions, We are hiring PHP web developers, to work in opensource, e-commerce applications and frameworks, you will get a chance to learn and work in new technologies. We provide opportunity to tech savvy.

You should have basic programming knowledge in PHP language to apply for this job.

Qualification: UG/PG degree passed out candidates
Skills required: PHP, MySQL, HTML
Optional Skills: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Experience: 0 – 2 years

Your responsibilities
1. Write optimized and efficient codes
2. Communicate with clients to get requirements
3. Write bug free and secure codes
4. Co-Ordinate with team members
5. Knowledge in working with repositories( github / bitbuclet )
6. Working in LAMP environment
7. Should have knowledge in deploying applications on live server
8. Willing to learn new technologies
9. Up to date the latest version of softwares
10. Problem solving skills

Solve the following challenge for pre interview

Write a function/code in PHP or JavaScript to rotate given 4X4, 6X6  or any given NxN array as specified below

  1. Rotate the inner square 90 degree clock wise (Example : red highlighted inner square)
  2. Rotate the outer square 90 degree counter clock wise (Example: green highlighted outer square)

You can send us the code along with your resume to, we will contact the qualified candidates in two days after we received your email. We will consider only emails with codes to solve the above challenge, Only invited candidates are allowed to interview.

Example input array 4X4

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

Example output array 4X4

4 8 12 16
3 10 6 15
2 11 7 14
1 5 9 13
Thank you 🙂