We provide the following services to our clients, you can choose us for any one of the below services.

Create static or dynamic websites according to needs

Web Development


Content Management System

Job Portals

Real-estate Portals

Hotel Booking Portals

Website Maintenance

Bug Fixing
We fix bugs in web applications such errors, functionality errors, browser compatibility bugs, javascript bugs and all related bugs in your web application.

Custom Plugin Development

Upgrading Websites
We do upgrade process from old version to new version of web applications, mostly we do opensource upgrade and data migration from old version to new version.

Create static or dynamic websites according to needs

We develop real-estate portals, car sale portals, hotel booking portals and any other portals you want.

Customized Solutions
It means we add / change / remove part of the feature without rebuild the existing system. We will develop plugins/extensions for the customized solutions.

API Integration
We integrate most popular APIs such Facebook login API, Twitter feed API, Google Contact API, Google Calender API, Google Map API, Paypal API, PayFast API, ParcelMonkey API to communicate with your web applications or websites.

Technical Support/Documentation