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Require shipping calculator before proceed checkout – WooCommerce

The following code is used to prevent users to proceed checkout from cart page without filling the shipping calculator and calculate the shipping amount,

You can put the following code in your functions.php file

function prevent_proceed_to_checkout() { 
echo '	<script>
				jQuery(".woocommerce-cart .wc-proceed-to-checkout a.checkout-button").on("click",function(e){
					var _this = this;
					alert("Please calculate shipping!");
					jQuery(".shipping-calculator-form .button").on("click",function(){

Sydney Slider: Use different call to action buttons for each different slide in Sydney theme

Here is the solution to add the different call to action link for each 5 five sliders in Sydney theme, by default there is only one option to add the link and button name

You can use the above code in your child theme functions.php file.

Joomla Virtuemart

VirtueMart shipment not visible in order details page

Recently i just migrated a VirtueMart website to recent version of Joomla and VirtueMart, once reviewed an old orders, found the shipment name of an order was not showing in details page, then looked into the code and found there was limit issue. By default VirtueMart has an option to set Backend default items per list view in configuration section Templates tab, and configured to 15 which is used to limit the shipping methods list, but the required shipment was in 24th position, so that it was not showing, again i set the limit to 30, and now the shipment name showing in order details page.


Opencart admin not logging in, continues loading

This is a main problem, I suffered many times in my Opencart website. this problem may occurs due to CURL function, this function might be disabled because of some security issue. which is done at the hosting side. you can contact your hosting service provider to enable the CURL function.

Otherwise outgoing port of your web server might be disabled by hosting service provider, because your site might be used extra server resources. Usually this happens due to login into admin numerous of times by attacker. Which is called brute force login attack.


Joomla admin login redirects to home page

I faced this issue in my client website after downloaded into local and tried numerous way to solve the issue, there was no plugin to cause this issue, i completely disabled all the plugin and replaced new components files, BUT i did’t get any chance to make it work,

Finally i opened the configuration.php file which is located in the root directly of joomla, and found there was $live_site property under the JConfig class, i just emptied the value of $live_site variable. after this changes it worked successfully.


How to Import sql dump file via MySQL command line ?

It is very simple to import the .sql file, which is taken as backup from phpMyAdmin or from some other hosting control panel.

If it is small file, then it is easy to import via import option in phpMyAdmin area, but some times it is hard to import large files, it would take too much of time or it may stop to import in middle.

So the command line import options is quit easy and fast comparing with other options. Here is an example that how to import via command line.

mysql > source PATH OF YOUR DUMP .SQL FILE

after you would see series of lines run bottom like this
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)


mysql > use employer
mysql > source D:/wamp/www/project/emp.sql



Wp-Admin not opening

Dear Readers,

One day our website’s wp-admin didn’t open after fill username and password then hit the login button. it was loading continuously but not able to see Dashboard but some times it took long time to open Dashboard, We searched many forums and blogs but no solutions, then we decided to open functions.php file of current theme and was looking each line one by one then we found that there was some CURL coding were there, looked that coding it was a functions to update the theme automatically once a day when admin logs into wp-admin, and  commented that function and tried to login again wp-admin, Yes, it worked successfully, we got Dashboard.

1. Look into functions.php file of current theme
2. Look into plugins, if some plugin may download external contents or send some data to external server, If external server is slow , then our site will also be slow.


406 Not Acceptable Joomla Error

406 not acceptable joomla error
406 not acceptable joomla error

One day one of my clients contacted me with following error 406 Not Acceptable Error in Joomla while saving article, I tried many searches and found a clue in this forum , Yes the % symbol was problem in my client’s article content, there were in-line CSS width: 100%; line-height: 115%; etc.., then just replaced the % values with equivalent px values, the problem solved and the article saved without error message.

Some people say to disable the mod_security, but disabling this module would be high security risk to your web applications, Actually this module prevents the SQL injection codes and other malicious codes attacking your web site. It is better to ask your hosting support about the issue.

Here you can read more about mod_security


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