• Spot the ball is a traditional newspaper promotion, the player has to spot the position of a ball which has been removed from a image of a ball sport. We provide bespoke solution to develop and integrate the spot ball game plugin into your WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Features 1. Create multiple competition 2. Assign the competition to WooCommerce products 3. The chosen co-ordinates will be attached with the order 4. Judge can see the co-ordinate positions spotted by customers 5. Judge can select the winner 6. Admin can assign different competition to different products 7. Export the competitor details as CSV 8. Compatible with WPML 9. Added option to rename the add to cart button 10. Added other options to turn on / off some features in front end
  • This plugin is used to write the custom stock status with different colors for each woocommerce product or globally, let users to know exact stock status names in product details page. You can change the following default stock status and different colors for status text
    • In stock
    • Only %s left in stock
    • (can be backordered)
    • %s in stock
    • Available on backorder
    • Out of stock
    • Added Backorder status in Order confirmation
    • Compatible with woocommerce-product-bundles plugin
    • Compatible with “WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce”
    • Bulk edit stock status
  • WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker plugin is used to choose exact delivery location on Google Map during checkout process. Customer can zoom in the map and drag drop the pointer to the delivery location. The chosen location can be viewed in admin order details page as well as customer order details page. The delivery of product can be done to exact location using the geo location. Features 1. Option to default location in checkout 2. Option to set if the location picker is required field or not in checkout process 3. Easy to install and configure the plugin 4. Chosen location can be seen by admin as well as customer



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